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1. 100 Years

2. Red Rover

3. Talking

4. Little Part Of Me

5. Knocking At My Door

6. Suitcase

7. I Wish I Could Fly

8. City Lights (Just Drive)

9. Thunder

10. Tell Yourself You're Beautiful

BONUS. Because You Breathe (acoustic)


All songs written, recorded & produced by Georgia Germein at Germein Studios Australia. All songs performed by Georgia Germein, Ella Germein & Clara Germein. Additional production by John Castle on 100 Years, Knocking At My Door, & City Lights. All songs mixed by John Castle. Pre-production by Stuart Gray on 100 Years, Talking, Knocking At My Door, Suitcase, I Wish I Could Fly, City Lights, Thunder, & Tell Yourself You're Beautiful. Pre-production by Billy Farrell on Because You Breathe. All songs mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301. Album photos by Israel Baldago. Live album photos by Bethanie Earle.


All rights of the producer and the ownership of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance & broadcasting of this record prohibited (c) 2019. GSG2019.


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