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Australian sister band GERMEIN - Georgia, Ella, & Clara Germein - grew up jamming together on their family farm in Adelaide. Raised on the records of B.B. KING, VAN MORRISON, & CAT STEVENS - their Dad played trumpet in a New Orleans rhythm & blues band, sparking the girls love for loud, feel good music they could dance to - while their Mum often led singing around the piano. Starting out busking on the main street of their local town with their younger brother, Germein soon began playing local venues while crafting their own unique brand of indie pop.


Georgia, a gifted songwriter, won her first of seven Young Composers Awards at the age of eleven. In high school, as her calibre of songs increased, she sought after creating a band to tour her songs. She taught herself the guitar, while Ella taught herself the bass, and as nobody played the drums yet – Clara - who was working as a surfing instructor at the time, taught herself the drums.


Germein began turning heads as their distinct sibling magic continued to overflow into their charismatic and euphoric live show, described as nothing short of mesmerising. Taking the lead from strong female artists like HAIM, CHVRCHES, and TEGAN & SARA; it was clear that Germein possessed the kind of close musical partnership that can only be shared by siblings. Inspired by the vocal harmonies of iconic bands such as Queen and Fleetwood Mac, both whom Germein were honoured to appear on the line-up with at the Isle of Wight Festival UK.


Fresh off the back of their debut USA performances at SXSW in Austin, Texas – sisters Georgia (guitar, keys), Ella (bass, electric cello), & Clara Germein (drums) release their brand new single ‘Suitcase’ ahead of their performances at The Great Escape in Brighton this May. Writing, recording & producing ‘Suitcase’ themselves in their home studio in the Adelaide Hills, the track’s earthy tones are deepened with edgy guitars, percussive drums, soaring vocals, topped off with their iconic sibling harmonies.

Following Great Escape, the band will perform at Tunes in the Dunes Festival in Cornwall (James Bay, Kaiser Cheifs), Isle of Wight Festival (George Ezra, Robbie Williams), & Lytham Festival (Sting, Blondie). They have also been announced as the support for Tom Jones, Sharon Corr, SkyeChristy, Arno Carstens this summer, as well as The Corrs Australian & New Zealand Tour later in the year.

"I wrote Suitcase about those heartbreaking moments when you have to leave someone you love, but all you really want is to take them with you. I really wanted to emphasise that feeling of packing up and leaving, so I recorded samples of a real suitcase - like the sound of locking it and throwing it on the ground – to add that extra layer.” Georgia

the trio's Single ‘Good For A Girl’ was recently announced a 3rd place winner in the International Songwriting Competition for Best Unsigned Artist, and Honourable Mention for Best Lyrics, out of 21,000 entries worldwide. 'Good For A Girl' touches on the siblings’ personal challenges they’ve faced being an all-female band in today’s music industry.


Clara laughs, “I went into a music shop to buy drumsticks, and the guy behind the desk asked me if I was buying them for my boyfriend”. Georgia recalls the band’s first soundcheck on a national tour when “It was as if we’d surprised the sound guy when we started playing, like he expected us to be bad. At the end of the show he said to us that we were actually pretty good for girls”. “We wanted to write a song that would help tackle these stereotypes, and give a voice to anyone who might be going through a similar experience” says Ella. “It’s about giving girls an equal playing field, and not discriminating based on gender” Clara adds.

The band were scheduled to kick off their UK/Europe Tour as of March 2020, but like many touring artists, they became grounded once Covid hit. As a result, they refocused much of time and energy into crafting new music in their family home amidst lockdown, and so ‘Good For A Girl’ was born.


“There’s definitely something empowering about writing, recording, and producing your own music – especially doing it as a family. We hope that we can be an encouragement to other artists out there who want to do the same” says Georgia.


Germein’s debut single ‘Talking’ was also recorded in their home studio, produced by Georgia Germein. The song was launched on Triple J Home and Hosed, and went on to enjoy airplay on both Triple J and the Hit Network across Australia. “The energy put into this song has paid off - with style, plenty of sass, edgy guitars, & a soaring chorus shows off a range of influences. Their tight harmonies show off how perfectly their voices work together & prove that they have musical finesse to be reckoned with” Line of Best Fit (UK)


‘Talking’ touches on the importance of speaking up in times of conflict, and has been described by UK Press as having “an almost therapeutic value” to it. Georgia describes her songwriting process as “a way of expressing my emotions, by getting the feelings I have out of me and onto paper and into music. It’s always been a very freeing experience.”

Germein were shortlisted in the Top 6 Unsigned UK Acts in a competition run by HOAX to open for Ed Sheeran on the Closing Night of his Record-Breaking Divide World Tour. They also won Most Popular Pop Artists in the South Australian Music Awards 2019 & 2020. As part of the 2020 bushfires in Australia, the band hosted a Bushfire Benefit Concert in their hometown raising funds for the South Australian Country Fire Service and Fauna Rescue SA.


  • INSTRUMENT: Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys

  • HOBBIES: Looking after my pet kangaroos & puppies Pacha & DAISY, growing veggies, running, riding, & recording stuff

  • STYLE: Wearing Hats

  • EMBARRASSING STAGE MOMENT: Getting the hiccups mid song

  • CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Touring Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, & Asia

  • FAV. COLOUR: Yellow

  • FAV. FOOD: Plant based meals, but I also can’t resist hot chips on the beach in summer

  • FEAR/PHOBIA: Heights

  • WHO WOULD YOU LOVE TO JAM WITH? John Mayer, Keith Urban, or Ed Sheeran

  • FAV. OVERSEAS TRIP: Teaching English through music to communities in the Kalahari Desert South Africa, & volunteering as a World Vision Youth Ambassador in Nepal

  • WHICH 'FRIENDS' CHARACTER DO YOU RELATE TO MOST & WHY? Maybe Chandler cause I’m a bit of a nerd and can be somewhat socially awkward at times haha, but once you get to know me you’ll find I’m a loyal friend, hard worker, & I’m also pretty good at cracking the odd one liners at the end of a joke.

  • SUMMER OR WINTER? I’m a sucker for an Aussie campfire in the middle of winter, but I also love the smell of Spring.

  • EMOTIONAL PROCESS: Songwriting. Naturally, I’m more drawn to reflect inwardly on my thoughts and feelings – & song-writing has always been a positive way for me to express myself by getting my emotions out of me & onto paper and into music. It’s always been a very freeing experience.


  • INSTRUMENT: Bass/Cello/Backing Vocals

  • HOBBIES: Cheap thrills, painting and random adventures

  • FAV. GIG EVER PLAYED: Our gigs in Asia were so fun and completely different to anywhere we’d ever played, I loved it!

  • EMBARRASSING STAGE MOMENT: Too many to say – most involve over sharing chat between songs or falling over my bass lead…

  • CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Having fans line up outside the venues of our first head line UK tour then meeting them after was so special and seeing Van Morrison live at the Isle of Wight Festival

  • FAV. COLOUR: Every color in an opal

  • FAV. FOOD: Arnnot’s Savoury Shapes and watermelon

  • DREAM SHOW/GIG: Headlining a Aussie Festival or being the first band to play on the moon haha…

  • WHICH 'FRIENDS' CHARACTER DO YOU RELATE TO MOST & WHY? Joey as I love food, have had some very random acting work and don’t always get the joke but I am mostly loveable, forgivable haha (I think...) and love my friends and family :P

  • BEST ADVICE YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED: Be kind, life’s too short so take it slow – embrace it, and never take anything for granted. 


  • INSTRUMENT: Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals

  • HOBBIES: Walking our dogs, sports, beach activities and building stuff.

  • FAV. GIG EVER PLAYED: Love the big stadium shows we’ve played – the energy is unreal! But some of the smaller, more intimate shows where you feel like your home in your living room hanging out are so special.

  • EMBARRASSING STAGE MOMENT: Playing my egg shaker in a serious slow song in Germany and losing grip and having it fly across the stage off my drum platform and bounce across the floor... I didn’t have a spare so ran and grabbed it…

  • CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Opening for Little Mix, Jess Glynne, Phil Collins and Ronan Keating were def big highlights!

  • FAV. COLOUR: Green

  • FAV. FOOD: Sandwiches

  • FEAR/PHOBIA: I hate worms

  • DREAM SHOW/GIG: Headling our own stadium tour and having unsigned, up and coming artists open for us and spreading the love and support of musicians.

  • WHICH 'FRIENDS' CHARACTER DO YOU RELATE TO MOST? Apparently Monica but Phoebe is my favourite!

  • DOGS OR CATS? I appreciate a cat but dogs win

  • BEST LESSON YOU'VE EVER LEARNT: Don’t let Ella dye or cut my hair haha

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